Game Distribution

We build loyal fans in every corner of the globe.

01. Optimize

We start by optimizing each title to function worldwide.

  • Complete optimization for distribution in established and emerging markets
  • In-game currency solutions and rebalancing of game mechanics while preserving the original gameplay experience
  • Full-service language translation and localization

02. Launch

Then we release the new title to 2B+ users in over 120 countries.

  • Marketing asset development and translation for all assets that accompany game listings worldwide
  • Widespread distribution across our global network
  • On-call game support and troubleshooting

03. Promote

We run global campaigns for new titles that are on-brand and on-message.

  • Paid advertising and user acquisition
  • Placement in target market stores
  • Coordinated promotions with mobile network providers in specific markets and/or regions
  • Opportunity for co-branded game promotions

04. Settle Up

Every month, we distribute your profits and report on each title’s performance.

  • On-time payments distributed monthly into your bank account
  • Simple and intuitive gross revenue and payout reporting
  • Download counts and performance statistics
  • Tracking of your game’s global reach

And from then on…

Watch your games go forth and conquer.

By optimizing and delivering your games to users in previously untapped markets, we bring them new and exciting experiences, and bring you new revenue opportunities.

Game Development

Multi-Platform Mobile Game Development.

With deep experience and a unique global perspective, our mobile development team is here to bring your vision to life.

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