Johnny Bravo Big Babe Adventure

Category: Adventure



Johnny Bravo is walking to the movie theater on Friday night, looking for a date (its Chick-Flick Night). He sees several cheerleaders (cha-ching!), but as he approaches, they are kidnapped by an evil scientist, intent on world domination.

With his Youth-And-Enthusiasm-Sucker-Machine, the evil scientist plans on draining the cheerleaders of their youth and vibrancy, harnessing that power to turn himself into the sexiest man alive. Johnny is insistent that no old, crusty guy is going to end up with all the hot chicks!â



  • A variety of rooms to be explored in an evil scientist lab
  • Humorous adventure with brain-tickling problems
  • A funny graphical game that is accessible to both novice and expert players

jb2 animated CartoonNetwork



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